Africa: Ed-ul Adha with a Covid-19 hangover

APA-Abuja (Nigeria)

Muslims around Africa have been marking Eid-ul-Adha with Covid-19-related restrictions hanging heavily over the occasion.

With regulations prohibiting or partially restricting economic and social activities thanks to fears over the further spread of the disease, many of the continent's millions of Muslims have been struggling to provide for the "Feast of Sacrifice".

The economic fallout has been most telling.

The cost of rams in most countries have been prohibitively expensive, causing those who can barely afford them to dig deep into their pockets.

In The Gambia, where there has been a surge in the number of cases of the disease to over 450, and eight deaths, the so-called "Feast of Sacrifice" was observed without the usual pomp and gaiety which used to attend to such occasions.

President Adama Barrow went into quarantine three days before the Eid prayer, after his vice-president Dr Isatou Touray tested positive for the virus.

Since then several restrictions have been reintroduced with a view to curbing the spread of the disease.

In neighbouring Senegal which has also seen a surge in case as well as deaths in recent weeks, Eid prayers were held amidst official encouragements for the public to observe health safety regulations including staying at home, wearing face masks and regular hand-washing.

In Nigeria which has millions of the continent's Muslim population, Eid passed off with worshippers ignoring current restrictions to throng to praying grounds in Abuja and other cities. 

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