Benin - Presidential elections - Results

Benin's president Talon elected for second term

APA-Cotonou (Benin)

Emmanuel Tiando, chairman of the National Autonomous Electoral Commission (CENA), on Tuesday announced victory for incumbent president Patrice Talon with 86.37 percent of the votes.

Talon and his running mate Mariam Chabi Talata have crushed the competition by collecting 1,984,832 votes. 

Elected president in 2016, the former businessman secures a second five-year term.

He is well ahead of Alassane Soumanou and Paul Hounkpè, candidates of the Forces Cauris pour un Bénin Émergent (FCBE). 

The latter received 259,612 votes, representing 11.29 percent of the vote.

 The duo of Restore Confidence (RLC), Corentin Kohoué and Iréné Josias Agossa, came last with 53,957 votes, or 2.35 percent.

 Before publishing the provisional results of the April 11presidential election, the plenary of the CENA compiled, according to Emmanuel Tiando, the “results transmitted by the district coordinators and external coordinators.”

 The turnout was 50.17 percent. 

All Beninese registered on the electoral roll were unable to go to their polling places “because of blockades to access roads observed in 13 districts.”

 Of the 4,958,850 initial voters, only 4,802,303 remained. 

In the end, 2,409,409 citizens performed their civic duty. 

And there were 111,008 invalid ballots. 

Therefore, 2,298,401 votes were validly cast.

The Beninese diaspora participated in the polls as polling stations were opened in seven countries namely Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Gabon, Congo, France and the United States. 

The final results of the presidential election will be announced by the Constitutional Court later.



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