COVID-19: Rwandan major church brings cashless transactions in collecting offertory from worshippers

Following concerns over about the possible hygiene implications of handling cash in a COVID-19 situation, the Seventh Day Adventist church in Rwanda has embarked in digitising the collection of offerings in a bid to minimize a possible spread of COVID-19, APA learnt Monday from the officials from the church.

From now on Members  of the church with smartphones will be able to download the Mo-Pay App  and follow prompts to withdraw money from their bank accounts or Mobile  Money, and immediately make a donation or pay their tenth to the church  with no hassle, the Church said.

Rwandan health officials said  that the potential for coins and banknotes to house bacteria has been  acknowledged rapidly due to the unfolding pandemic and serious risks  associated with the COVID disease.

Pastor Hesron Byilingiro, head  of the  Seventh Day Adventist church in RwandaChurch in Rwanda, said  that the world and the country in particular are moving fast towards  digitizing services and using technology to do things differently and  the church should not be the one to be left behind.

“In Rwanda  we have seen that technology is increasingly becoming the way of doing  things. There is no law that says that the church should remain  conservative and not adopt the use of technology in what we do. I have  never seen anywhere in the Bible where it is said that we should not  make progress in terms of technology,” he said.

According to him, there is a clear need for Adventist parishes to introduce  contactless facilities and make this available.

In  a related development, Rwanda has been experiencing in recent weeks  a  surge in recoveries and a reduction in the number of active cases of  Covid-19.

The country’s active cases have been plummeting for the  last couple of days from over 1600 on October 6 to 169 on October 17,  according to the ministry of Health.


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