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Ethiopian Diaspora denounce "foreign interference"

APA-Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)

Hundreds of demonstrators over the weekend rallied in Norway, Ireland and Italy to voice their support for the Ethiopian government and denounce the western powers to stop interfering in Ethiopia’s internal affairs.

In a demonstration that was held in over the weekend, friends of Ethiopia and people from various African countries joined Ethiopians and Eritreans in chanting the most trending voice of freedom dubbed “No More” to denounce undue pressure of the West on Ethiopia.

The demonstrators in Oslo also condemned the western media that are orchestrating and spreading fake news against Ethiopia.

People who took part in the rally that was staged in Dublin called on the Government of Ireland to stop pressuring Ethiopia.

It is also stated in the rally that a team comprising members of the Diaspora community in Ireland has recently sent a letter clarifying current issues in Ethiopia to 100 members of parliament of the country to help them force their government to stop interfering in Ethiopia’s domestic issues.

They held placards expressing support for Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and also slammed US sanctions on the country and its neighbor Eritrea, which they said were meant to force Abiy to give into his aggressors.

Rallies were also in London last week. Protesters waving Ethiopian and Eritrean flags denounced what they termed as western bullying. The US has sanctioned Asmara for its role in the conflict in Ethiopia.


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