Ethiopians, Egyptians clash at holy land of Jerusalem

APA-Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)

Ethiopians and Egyptians clashed at the holy land of Jerusalem after the Egyptians painted their flags in the part of Deir Al-Sultan that is owned by Ethiopians, APA learned on Thursday,

No injuries were reported however Police dispossessed an identity card of an Ethiopian, whose name is unspecified, who tried to remove the painted flag. 

Reports indicated that the Egyptians painted it on the wall of the entrance of Golgota Ethiopian Monastery.  

Betty Kassa is a member of the Ethiopian Community in Jerusalem, was quoted as saying that it was customary for Ethiopians to hoist the Ethiopian flag during feast celebrations. But this year the Egyptians warned Ethiopians not to do it. 

“They painted their own flag overnight,” she added.

 Abune Enbaqom, archbishop of Ethiopian Monasteries in Jerusalem, is quoted as saying “the disruption of peace that happened is usual. We will add or lose from what we have.”  

He recalled that there was a similar controversy last year. He added that it is inappropriate for Egyptians to paint their flag on the gate.

“The Egyptians do not want us to be visible here. They claim that the place is theirs but that is not right,” Abune Enbakom said. Furthermore, he said that Ethiopians ask authorities to resolve the matter.

Ethiopians and Egyptians had been clashing in  Deir Al-Sultan, the Holy land for several years now. The Egyptians have had claims about what is possessed by Ethiopians for ages. 

Both the Egyptians and Ethiopians in the area are followers of the same faith – the Orthodox Church. 

The Syrian, Armenian, Egyptian, and Ethiopian Orthodox Churches were celebrating the feast of Palm Sunday on April 17 as the rest of the Protestants and Catholics were celebrating Easter. 


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