Graduates from US-based university to file lawsuit to the Court after degree rejections

APA - Kigali (Rwanda)

A group of Rwandan graduates from Atlantic International University (AIU) who have seen recently their degree qualifications rejected by the Government have threatened to sue Higher Education Council (HEC) as they attempt to overturn the recent decision to cancel academic equivalences.

The move by Rwanda’s Higher Education Council (HEC) to withdraw recognition for PhD degrees obtained from the United States-based Atlantic International University (AIU) because the programmes have allegedly not been accredited has angered the public and the academic sector, in particular.

Lecturers in local universities and employees in public and private institutions who were educated at this university contested the decision.

An estimated 100 Rwandans are believed to have graduated from AIU with different academic qualifications ranging from bachelors degrees to PhDs.

"We are first engaging HEC to meet AIU graduates for peaceful handling of the injustice against AIU students and graduates," said one of the graduates’ representatives speaking on condition of anonymity.

In the meanwhile, Dr Callixte Kabera, the vice-chancellor of the University of Tourism, Technology and Business Studies, who also doubles as the President of Rwanda’s Private Universities’ Association, noted that the decision is surprising as affected people have been using the equivalence issued for years and are employed as lecturers at universities or in other public institutions.

"The decision would have a serious impact on universities whose staff went to the Atlantic International University," Kabera said.


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