Kenya: Inflation drops to 4.14 percent in February


Kenya’s annual inflation dropped to 4.14 percent in February as compared to 4.7 percent in January, the statistics office has disclosed.

According to the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics(KNBS), a drop in the prices of most food commodities led to the drop which contributed to a relatively low overall inflation in February 2019.

“The cost of several foodstuffs in February 2019 was much lower compared to the same period of the previous year. For instance, maize grain recorded a drop of 41.0 per cent. Similarly, the prices of sifted maize flour, spinach and tomatoes declined by 30.68, 20.66 and 16.63 per cent, respectively,” KNBS noted in a statement.

Additionally, the housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels’ index, increased by 0.12 per cent in February compared to January 2019.

“This resulted from higher cost of some house rents and some cooking fuels. Partly contributing to this, were prices of domestic consumption of electricity which increased by 2.48 and 1.70 per cent for 50 Kwh and 200 KWh, respectively on account of increase in fuel cost and inflation adjustment charges,” added the statement.

The transport index decreased by 0.50 per cent, mainly as a result of significant decreases in pump prices of petrol and diesel, noted KNBS.


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