Nairobi Governor crowned Good Deeds envoy by Israel


Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko on Friday was officially appointed the Good Deeds Ambassador by an Israel-based organization for his generosity in helping the needy.

Last December,  an Israel delegation, led by Good Deeds Global Chief Executive officer  Kaynan Rabino, said they will name Sonko their Good Deeds Ambassador for  a three-year period.


Sonko  was  crowned at a ceremony attended by Israel Ambassador to Kenya Noah  Gal Gendler and the Global CEO of Good Deeds and Vice President of  Vision Ventures Kaynan Rabino in Nairobi. 



In his acceptance speech, Sonko said he support the mission of getting people to volunteer and choose to help others.


“This  is a noble cause that will make the world a better place, and improve  the lives of our fellow men and women,” said the Nairobi Governor.


Sonko  said he believes the main reason why he is the Governor of the Nairobi  today is because of good deeds he has done to majority of Nairobians and  the Kenyans at large.


A few years ago, Sonko set up an organization known as the Sonko Rescue team, to respond to the suffering and frustration.


The  organization has been instrumental in helping the people of Nairobi and  Kenya as a whole, particularly those in low income areas.


“Our  organization has provided clean drinking water to thousands of homes,  paid hospital bills for the poor, cleaned our neighborhoods, provided  ambulance and hearse services and generally responded to basic needs and  emergencies of our people, all free of charge,” he said.


He said this was one way of showing gratitude to the people who had shown confidence in him.


Sonko  told the delegates that SRT was designed as a rapid response service in  cases of emergency, and was financially sustained by the income from  the public service vehicles that he owns.


Above  all, he added, SRT was aimed at inspiring the youth to community  service, while at the same time providing them with employment and  skills necessary for their future careers.


In  June 2017, the NGO Board, which regulates all non-governmental  organizations in Kenya, named Sonko Rescue Team as the best performing  charity organization in Kenya.


“This  was our crowning moment as our effort to alleviate poverty and  suffering had been recognized. It also enabled us to re-dedicate  ourselves to the service of humanity, a duty we carry out with passion  to this day,” said Sonko.


Gendler said that Governor Sonko has a good heart and has helped a lot of people and that is why he deserves such an honor.


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