Rwandan in Sweden gets life for killing wife

APA - Kigali (Rwanda)

A Rwandan man has been given life sentence by a Swedish court for the brutal murder of his wife in their home in Stockholm, judicial sources revealed in Kigali.

Jean Uwizeye, 38, was arrested in November 2021 after he reported the death of his wife in Tyresö municipality, Stockholm, Sweden, reports said.

Uwizeye called police on November 19, 2021, claiming that he found his wife, Diane Ingabire, lifeless in their home after he returned home from a children’s park but a few hours later he was arrested after investigators sensed holes in his story.

It was revealed that Ingabire, 31, had previously communicated to her relatives and friends that she feared for her life and often slept in a room and locked herself in, fearing her husband may harm her. 

She had also contemplated reporting him to police because she felt her life was in danger.

“Investigations concluded that Jean Uwizeye killed his wife using brutal force in their shared home. In light of this, the district court considers that the act was particularly ruthless and the suspect is thereby sentence to life imprisonment and will be deported for committing murder,” the court ruled.


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