Senegal’s quota for Hajj 2022 revealed

APA - Dakar (Senegal)

This year, Saudi Arabia has decided to accept one million pilgrims because of Covid-19.

Senegal’s quota for the pilgrimage to Mecca is set at 5,822 pilgrims. Among them, 2,000 will be part of the official mission and 3,822 will be carried by private tour operators. The revelation was made Wednesday evening by Aissata Tall Sall, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Senegalese Living Abroad.

Mrs Tall told a press briefing that for the Hajj 2022, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has decided to accommodate one million pilgrims for reasons related to the Covid-19 and that they must be 65 years old at most.

The package for the travel and stay expenses for the Senegalese Muslim faithful authorized to perform the 5th pillar of Islam is set at 4,200,000 CFA francs. They will be transported by the national carrier Air Senegal, in accordance with the decision of Saudi Arabia which requires that each country convoy its pilgrims by its own airline.


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