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Guinean Christians perform pilgrimage in Boffa 
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Guinean Christians perform annual pilgrimages to venues in Lower Guinea and Forestry Guinea.

The pilgrimage venue of Boffa located in the city of the same name (300 km from Conakry), is the most famous among the country’s holy places as it erstwhile stood as a gateway to Guinea for Catholic missionaries.

This annual pilgrimage is therefore meant to pay tribute to these missionaries.

In the last week of April, thousands of Christians led by the Archbishop of Conakry, Vincent Koulibaly, walked to Boffa, hailing from the Guinean capital or the neighbouring localities.

Some delegations from sub-regional countries such as Senegal and Mali also take part in this pilgrimage.

The ritual begins on 1st May with prayers focused on the contemplation of the Joseph and Mary procession'', to implore the grace of God.

The other climax of this pilgrimage is marked by theatre and drama performances, offered to the public by the Christian youth drawing inspiration from the life of the church in this country.

This practice expanded to other regions of Guinea, particularly the pilgrimage to Brouadou, in the prefecture of Kissidougou, held by the Diocese of Kankan, and the pilgrimage to Gouécké organised by the Diocese of N'Nzérékoré.

Christians go to Gouécké, to pay tribute to a nun named Gobou Yaza who was murdered in her village, some decades ago by those who were vehemently opposed to the penetration of the church into the animist dominated forestry zone.

The martyr Gobou Yaza’s death was somewhat significant, because Gouécké is now the second leading region hosting a large community of Catholic Christians, behind Lower Guinea.

In early 1914, N'zérékoré got its Catholic mission.

The frequency of both pilgrimages varies with time and brings together Christians from around the country.

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