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Senegalese official pleads for ‘domestic preference’ in procurements  
APA-Dakar (Senegal)
The Chairman of the Senegalese National Employers Council (CNP), Baidy Agne, callously appealed to African governments for “national preference” in public procurement as a “strategic” means to favour positive discrimination towards national enterprises.

Agne was speaking at a workshop on the procurement bids procedures held on Monday, the second day of the 44th Annual Meetings of the African Development Bank (AfDB) in Dakar, as the systems are partially or totally challenged across the continent.

According to the Senegalese officer, the corporation is a component of socio-economic stability; therefore national cohesion and sovereignty are better preserved if the transparency rules on procurement procedures are respected.

Business people, senior officials, corporation leaders, and representatives of multilateral cooperation institutions thoroughly examined the deficiencies in national procurement systems in a more and more competitive environment.

The establishment of terms and conditions is essential to guarantee actors an equal access to the technical documents and unchallengeable contract awards because based on solid criteria to decide between bidders.

Many contributors to this panel deplored the lack of skilled human resources for the management of public markets which often lead to “breaches of discretion principles”.

“Contracting commissions’ officials often disregard their reserve duty and the secrecy of deliberations leak out, a Ugandan expert deplored, advocating a coercive legal framework to deter such deficiencies.

The Berlin-based Transparency International which was the guest at the workshop vehemently criticised the political interference in the procurement procedures in Africa, stressing that this is explained by the vulnerability of the sector face to the corruption or the lack of preventive approach”.

All the contributors agree to include in national procurement systems the notion of integrity “to dissipate suspicions and enhance the effectiveness of the procedures”, according to a Maghrebian participant.

2009-05-13 16:12:28

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